Info and updates for our church members.

Why Have Church Membership?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us at King's Cross. But we recognize that for making certain decisions and developing as a church, it is good to know who is with us and who is just visiting. So we have church membership to spread leadership into the congregation and help organize our body.

If you are interested in becoming a member, there are several simple steps.

1). Listen to these Membership Class Podcasts. You can also search "King's Cross Membership Classes" on Spotify or iTunes!

2). Fill out our Membership Application. Click on the link below to download the application. Once you are done, return it to

3). Have a Membership Conversation. Once Caleb receives your Membership Application, he or one of our Elders will reach out to you to have a brief membership conversation so that we can hear your story and get to know you more. Once your membership conversation is completed, the Elders will discuss your application and decide whether to recommend you for membership at our next member meeting.

Next KCC Member Meeting

Our next member meeting is TBA.